Socks have become the protagonists of an active and dynamic world: they’re practical, colourful and functional, as well as elegant. They’re essential, technical and high-performing. Extraordinarily positive synergies are born from their interaction; the style expresses its most authentic, unique and energetic form. Urban attitude and comfort are the union trait between essential features and futuristic combinations. Socks are marked on the plantar with LEFT and RIGHT, because we have designed a specific shape which perfectly outlines their shape. The size is also written on the plantar. Our yarn is lighter and has thermoregulation and resistance features which are superior to all others. It’s always dry on the skin and it’s completely hypoallergenic. Humidity and sweat are conveyed outside the fabric, evaporating quickly. Furthermore, it has a unique isolation capacity, superior to any other fibre, which allows it to maintain body temperature in any weather condition. It guarantees perfect hygiene and it isn’t attacked by insects or any other microorganisms. It doesn’t hold bacteria and mold, it avoids the arousal of unpleasant odours, even after intense physical activity. It doesn’t absorb dirt stains, allowing you to remove them easily with normal detergents. It doesn’t charge electrostatically and it doesn’t attract atmospheric dust. It’s an environment-friendly fibre, dyed at the source with solid additives which don’t require disposal and that is why it’s fully recyclable.


Socks for men, women, kids and sports in Dryarn, the lightest yarn existing in nature

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