1177 is where glamour and technical features typical of sports meet, a synergy between fashion and movement. With the name 1177 we wish to represent in a graphic and immediate manner the male and female universes. 11 is a reminder of male legs, while 77, according to an old Italian tradition, symbolises female legs. Together, these elements create a world of ‘Made in Italy’ tradition, dynamism and style, comfort and innovation, for a unisex product with unique features. 1177 redefines the concept of socks, our mission is transforming them into accessories with a precise identity and look. Modern colours and patterns, high quality materials and advanced technologies, for an urban style which is combined with day-to-day comfort. The lot is accompanied by a coordinated image, a packaging and a communication with unmistakable character.


Socks for men, women, kids and sports in Dryarn, the lightest yarn existing in nature

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